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Art and Love in Garrison 

Photography by Robert Millis

This wedding weekend took place in the home of a NYC gallery owner and an artist and was one of the most interesting weddings we have produced in the Hudson Valley. The property was as captivating as its inhabitants - dotted around it, there were indivudual areas, each with a unique perspective and mood. Our challenge was to involve them all with the guests, which we did to great effect. 

The invitation alone was novel. Arriving in a custom box with a belly band, the bride to be, a painter with works in MoMA, provided all the artwork for the stationery. A small canvas brush and paint tubes were provided for the guests to paint a picture in order to RSVP. On the wedding day, we displayed these canvases in an adorable pergola with yellow walls and called the show MOMA, Museum of Matrimonial Art!


I can write a book just about this wedding, so feel free to ask when we meet! 

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